The idea is pretty simple. 21 challenges, 21 months.

Starting on the 1st January 2011 I will be completing one challenge per month for 21 months until September 2012. I picked the challenges for different reasons – some because of their iconic nature and some that I know will push me to my physical and mental limits. Starting off with a New Year’s Day swim in the North Sea, each challenge will prepare me for the biggest of them all – trekking the Avenue of the Volcanoes in Ecuador, which will finish with the summiting of the 19,350ft active Cotopaxi volcano.

For more information on each challenge, click on the links below for those completed, and those still on the horizon.


(1) Jan:      New Year’s Day swim in the North Sea

(2) Feb:     Great North West Half Marathon

(3) Mar:    Chester 10 Miler

(4) Apr:     Edinburgh Half Marathon

(5) May:    Manchester 10km

(6) Jun:     Chorlton Triathlon

(7) Jul:      National 3 Peaks Challenge

(8) Aug:     Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge

(9) Sept:    Hell Runner (cross country/multi-terrain 10-12 miles)

*Please note that following a fractured leg endured during Hell Runner in September, re-entry was made to complete Hell Runner in February, which second time round was successful.

(10) Oct:      English Channel Swim*

(11) Nov:     Lands End to John O Groats Bike Ride*

(12) Dec:     Christmas Marathon


(13) Jan:     Dubai Marathon

(14) Feb:     River Thames Row*

(15) Mar:    BMF x 21

(16) Apr:     Manchester Marathon

(17) May:    Manchester 10km – ARMY style

(18) Jun:       Commando Challenge

(19) Jul:        Love Running: Ulta Marathon

(20) Aug:      Total Warrior

(-) Sept:        Para 10 – P Coy Challenge

(21) Oct**:   Avenue of Volcanoes climb, Ecuador


*Due to time needed & resources required to complete these actual events, I will be completing the same distance, but using the gym to complete it. So my December challenge, will involve cycling 874 miles on a bike at the gym (about 44 miles every working day of the month). So while I won’t be on the road, channel or river, the challenge will definitely still be there.

**Due to unforseen changes made by the charity company used to complete the final challenge, the Avenue of Volcanoes climb will be completed in October 2012. In order to maintain momentum, an additional 22nd challenge will be completed in September. This does not affect the overall project, nor does this diminish from what has been achieved thus far.


Help for Heroes [21:21] Challenge


2 Responses to Challenges

  1. Mark Barker says:

    Great idea. Well impressed, on the 10k and swim Sunday + Chorlton tri. Doing Helvellyn tri in Sept for H4H.

    • Thanks Mark. It was very much a case of “from small acorns, grow mighty oaks” as I only started it off as a climb up Cotopaxi volcano next year, then it grew and grew. Are you doing both the 10km & the swim? Big up to you – I bet you feel it come Monday morning. Top news on the Helvellyn tri in Sept, that is going to be a beast. Big thanks for your sponsorship support – very much appreciated! Good luck on Sunday mate.

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