Hall of Heroes

Mighty oaks, from little acorns grow is a phrase that immediately springs to mind when I think of [21:21]. What started off as an small idea while walking in the mountains of Wales, has turned into something so much bigger. Since its inception [21:21] has attracted a loyal following of friends, family and those who are supporting not only the project, but the men & women of our armed services.

While everyone who I’ve talked to has been supportive of the project, there are a few people who have really gone above & beyond the call of duty in supporting both me & the [21:21] project. So I’ve dedicated this part of the site to show my gratitude and say thanks to those who have inspired me, supported me & are helping me along my 21 month journey.

Royal Marine Commando

My brother

My brother is one of the main driving forces behind the [21:21] project. Currently serving out in Afghanistan, I wanted to support him in his daily challenges, by challenging myself – complete 21 challenges, in 21 months. While I won’t be able to match my brother’s bravery, endurance & honour, hopefully I can do my bit to show my support & solidarity to such a worthy guy.

Rupert Rowling

Challenger Rank: MAJOR

Rupert was with me in Wales when the idea for [21:21] first started to take shape, so it seems very apt that he’s agreed to take part in a number of challenges. In fact he’s completing an impressive 5 challenges with me along my journey – and by doing so he’s promoted himself to the challenger rank of Major (5+ challenges).

Kate Doyle

Challenger Rank: LIEUTENANT

It’s amazing what tequila can do! After a random Mexican party, Kate & I joined forces to become running buddies. What started as a nice addition to my training, has turned into so much more. While we’ve yet to actually race together, Kate has been there with me at 6am in the cold & wet when we’ve trained at the Water Park, and also the woman who’s dragged me on 30 mile bike rides when I thought my body couldn’t take anymore. And while not officially a [21:21] challenger, she’s definitely earned her challenger status. What a champ!

Elizabeth Sharma

PR Manager

Liz has taken on the extremely busy role of project PR – furthermore, she has kindly given up her skills for free. As well as assisting with web content & press releases Liz has been extremely supportive of the project since its inception, with her creative planning really offering great support to the mission statement & objectives of [21:21].

Matthew Beard

 IT Consultant

Matt is a fellow colleague at ABa, working in the IT department. He is the guy who inspired me to first create a blog for [21:21], and has since been extremely helpful in creating the website – his technical know-how has proved very helpful indeed. On top of this, Matt himself has a really incredible & inspirational story, one that has really moved me, and something very worthy of being in the spot light (more info to come).

John Shinnick

First Corporate Sponsor

To the untrained eye, John is one of the Partners at Grant Thornton (Financial & Business Consultancy), but when you look more closely he’s so much more than that. While being a very good friend, someone who’s supported me in my endeavours across the years, he has also very kindly offered corporate sponsorship to [21:21] on behalf of the kind people at Grant Thornton.

[21:21] Challengers

I’ve been so impressed by family, friends & colleagues who have asked to take part in some of the 21 challenges. So using the ranks of the Royal Marines & British Army, I have awarded a rank to those who have agreed to participate in any of the challenges with me:

Officer Cadet               General involvement and / or 1 challenge                                            Lieutenant                   2-3 challenges                                                                                          Captain                          4 challenges                                                                                              Major                              5+ challenges

Anyone taking part in one challenge, or who has been involved in the project in one way or another will be awarded the rank of Officer Cadet, while the highest accolade within the project is Major, given to anyone taking part in 5 or more challenges.

HelpForHeroes [21:21] Challenge


One Response to Hall of Heroes

  1. Sarah Shinnick says:

    Woo hoo!! I’m a lieutenant!! 🙂

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