[21:21] was inspired by my brother being deployed to Afghanistan to fight on the Front Line as a Royal Marine Commando. Having already climbed Kilimanjaro while I was at university, I wanted to pit my physical & mental ability at a new challenge to show support for the daily challenges that my brother would be facing – challenges that I will never be able to fully understand, but at least in challenging myself in my own way, I can show him the support he so very much deserves.

[21:21] quickly grew into something so much bigger than my love & respect for my brother. Our objectives are simple, but will hopefully be all encompassing:

  1. I will complete 21 challenges in 21 months – one every month
  2. The challenges will push me to my physical & mental limits. Whie the challenges are not designed to replicate those experienced by the armed forces, they are set to push me to my personal limits to show my solidarity to my brother & his colleagues.
  3. While completing the challenges my goal is to raise a minimum of £10,000 for Help for Heroes, a charity which helps the servicemen & woman of the British Armed Forces who have been damaged physically, mentally & emotionally by the horrors of war.
  4. In addition to raising £10,000 for a very worthy cause, I will also be aiming to amass a following of 10,000 people.

[21:21] is not about raising a one off amount of money, it’s about getting people to do their bit. By having 10,000 people following the project, they will inadvertently following Help for Heroes and the work of our armed forces. Even if just 1 of the 10,000 is inspired enough to their bit and raise money for such a worthy cause, then the legacy of [21:21] will continue.

For more detailed information on the challenges chosen for [21:21] please check out the challenges page here.


Help for Heroes [21:21] Challenge


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