Challenge Extra

Para 10 – P Coy Challenge (Sept)

The P Coy (Pegasus Company) challenge is a multi-terrain endurance event, which mirrors the assessment used in testing candidates wanting to join the Parachute Regiment – their selection process is:

“To test the physical fitness, determination and mental robustness, under conditions of stress, to determine whether an individual has the self discipline and motivation required for service with the Airborne Forces”

The gruelling challenge requires participants to carry a bergen (rucksack) weighing 35lb (excluding food & water), wear combats & military style boots, while running across an undulating 10 mile cross country course.

Whilst technically I didn’t need to complete a challenge in September, given the date change for Ecuador, I didn’t want to lose any momentum, so thought that this cheeky challenge would stand me in very good stead for summiting Cotopaxi. And if it’s good enough for the Paratroopers, then it’s good enough for [21:21].


Help for Heroes [21:21] Challenge


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