Olympic sized presents!

During a gruelling day at work, it was great to come back to my desk, and be greeted with such a cool present from Isis: the Lego version of me next month, carrying the London 2012 Olympic Torch, as it makes its way round the British Isles.

It’s now been confirmed that I’ll be taking up the great honour of representing my community and becoming part of Olympic history on Sunday 24th June, in Trafford – west of Manchester. The exact part of the route within Trafford is still to be confirmed, but it’s great to think I’ll be carrying the torch through part of the community that I’ve called home for nearly the last 10 years. Also pretty symbolic that I’m carrying the torch on the day it travels from Manchester to Yorkshire (where I grew up).

And talking of the Olympic Torch, I have some phenomenal news to report. All the Torchbearers are being given the option to purchase their torch (we relay with each other, lighting the torch of the connecting person). And for a while I’d really liked the idea of being able to keep it – something to treasure and look back at, years from now, as a great reminder of the experience, not only of London 2012 but the 21 month challenge project also.

Although, with associated challenge costs (flights to Ecuador & Dubai aren’t cheap!), the price of the torch was just too much to justify the benefit. However, a very adamant Rupert decided that this just wasn’t good enough, and that this once in a lifetime opportunity could not go by without a lifelong reminder. So in short, on top of the sponsorship he has already pledged, this truly amazing friend has gone bought my London 2012 Torch for me. Words cannot express how taken aback I was to hear the news from him. To be honest I’m still a little in shock.

What a trooper doesn’t even come close. Thanks badge – you’re a proper legend!

Very much looking forward to the 24th June, and on a side note,  love the fact I can now share this with my nephew when he grows up.


Help for Heroes [21:21] Challenge


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Mountain climber, marathon runner, Olympic torchbearer & ACF instructor amongst other things: "Success never came to those who weren't ready for a challenge"
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