A message from Help for Heroes…

After a rather long day of work & rowing, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a letter from Help for Heroes last night. It was from Bryn & Emma Parry OBE, Co-Founders of H4H, thanking me for a recent donation that I’d sent them. This donation however, was slightly larger than most, in fact, it was for £2,100 from my very generous employer.

The donation joins those from many other people who have so far helped us raise an amazing £5,152. For those of you who have already donated so kindly, here is an extract from the letter, sharing what H4H have previously spent the money on, and what they’re saving for in the future:

When Emma and I decided to do ‘our bit’, we had no idea so many people across the UK would decided to join us and together, create the Help for Heroes phenomenon. We are proud parents of a Soldier and know what it is to have him away fighting. We also know what it is like to see his friends injured with their lives changed forever. We cannot prevent these terrible injuries, but by joining together with others in support, we can do something positive and help them on their road to recovery.

Since its launch in October 2007, H4H raised over £100m and funded a variety of projects that are already making a big difference. For example, the £8, Rehabilitation Complex at Headley Court; a new £3.5 treatment centre for Combat Stress; Adaptive Adventure Training through Battle Back programme; and the creation of a £6m Quick Reaction Fund to support individuals within 72 hours of the need being identified.

The next project for H4H, which your donation will go towards, aims to ensure those wounded while in service get the very best support; for life. H4H is working in partnership with the MoD and The Royal British Legion, to deliver the Defence Recovery Capability (DRC) – a comprehensive pathway to help the wounded launch back into the next phase of their lives. H4H committed £100m to the DRC, which not only ensures that those who leave service get jobs, but that they have access to a comprehensive range of support whatever their needs.

Our work is by no means over. There is a great deal to do, but your contribution will make a great difference to the lives of some very special people. On behalf of all of us at H4H and all those who we will help, thank you.

While the money that [21:21] has raised so far is great, and I’m truly thankful to all those generous people, we’re only just over half way there. And with only 7 challenges left (and bloody hell what challenges they are!) we’ve still got a good way to go!

So if you’ve been impressed by the craziness of my marathon efforts, or surprised why anyone would get up at 04:45 to go rowing, or think “rather him than me” when it comes to scaling volcanoes taller than Mt. Kilimanjaro, then please dig deep and donate some £s and help me support not only Help for Heroes, but every single one of the guys & girls that sacrifice so much for our country. Donate securely here



Help for Heroes [21:21] Challenge


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