HELP! Challengers needed

There’s no point in beating round the bush – I NEED YOUR HELP!

Due to unforeseen circumstances there has been a number of people drop out of the climb in Ecuador, meaning that due to not having the minimum numbers required, we may not be able to go. So, does anyone fancy coming to Ecuador with me in October this year to complete Challenge 21: The Avenue of Volcanoes. In a nutshell it involves trekking up 4 volcanoes in Ecuador, culminating at the top of Cotopaxi (5,897m). Easy really.

I appreciate that 1) there isn’t much time between now and then in order to raise the necessary sponsorship or funding and 2) it’s a big physical ask, so I’m most definitely not going to sugar coat it – after all, I chose this challenge as it was tougher than Kilimanjaro. But at the same time, I can speak from experience (Kilimanjaro 2006) that something like this is not to be missed, and is most definitely a life changing experience.

For full details please click on this link, which will give you all the information on prices, itinerary, routes, training, fundraising etc. Plus if you sign up before March you get £100 discount!

As you know I’m doing this for Help for Heroes, and the reason & cause pushing me along each of the challenges is extremely personal to me. So whilst I would love you to get involved and choose Help for Heroes as your charity of choice, I understand the need for a personal cause, and as this is an open challenge, you can raise money for any charity.

I know that I’m asking a BIG DEAL, but I can guarantee that it will be one of the best trips you make in your life. From climbing Kilimanjaro, the physical, mental and emotional achievement is indescribable, but something that will be with me forever. And knowing that not only are you completing this for yourself, you’re also raising money for those who aren’t as lucky as you – and this in itself feels bloody amazing.

If you have any questions, or are even remotely tempted then please get in touch, and as if you needed any more reason to get involved, here is a video of a recent challenge trek to Cotopaxi, which I’m hoping will inspire you to say YES!


Help for Heroes [21:21] Challenge


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Mountain climber, marathon runner, Olympic torchbearer & ACF instructor amongst other things: "Success never came to those who weren't ready for a challenge"
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One Response to HELP! Challengers needed

  1. Mike (Wiggy) Bennett. says:

    Being an Ex Rockape,RAF Regiment,I have seen and heard so much since I first donned a uniform,at 16+1day I joined the RN,when I had done my time I left and kicked round looking for something and at last returned to my home County of Cornwall,there I joined the RAF Regiment and completed just over 14 years before an accident at Catterick ended my career,at 63 I still miss so very much those great days in the Regiment and still meet old Rockapes from the Squadron.
    In my time I have seen and witnessed things while serving and I can say without a doubt I am amazed at what is done for all our Armed Services by people like you,wish I could climb a Volcano with you but will be there in spirit,I truly hope you will fufill your challenge,wish I could go there and walk with you to the top,now that would be a stellar moment.Mike B.Cpl.

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