In the run up to Christmas it’s so easy to get too involved with buying presents, going to parties and over-indulging in the finer things in life. It’s equally very easy to forget that not everyone is quite as lucky.

While a lot of us will be taking time off over the festive period, the guys out in Afghanistan will not be so lucky. Just because it’s Christmas, doesn’t mean that they can down tools and come home. Having seen from my brother the conditions out at Camp Bastion and the FOBs (Forward Operating Bases), the thought of being out there at Christmas doesn’t bear thinking about. So after a chance conversation with Nick, I decided to get help from work to fill a few shoeboxes to send out to one of my brother’s friends (for him & the rest of his regiment), who will be spending the 25th in a war zone.

Nick said that while he was out there, it was the little things he missed – sweets, hot chocolate, curry powder, Lucozade etc. It’s not as if you can nip down to the local Tesco to pick up a few bits when you fancy. I think Dad became best mates with the local Post Office staff, after sending boxes out every other day while Nick was on tour. And while we might think these are small things, for those so far from home, their families and loved ones, these small things are great reminders of home and will hopefully show just how much the lads are appreciated and supported.

So I expected maybe 2 or 3, however, the guys at work really came through & filled 20 boxes to send out to the front line. Paul (one of the guys at work) & a few others helped pack them all up, and after getting everything ready to send, I thought just how cool it was that everyone really got on board with this. Knowing that people are so willing to support the troops really moves me.  The work that they’re doing out there is so brave, extreme and at times unthinkable – but it’s their job and they’re doing it for Queen & Country, and to see the support that my colleagues at work have given really makes me feel proud.

So thanks to everyone at ABa, and lets hope that while only a small gesture, it can give the lads a small boost, and remind them that everyone back home has totally got their back.

Help for Heroes [21:21] Challenge


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