A sorry day for the UK

Words cannot even express my shock and complete disgust towards the recent riots across my fair country. For centuries we have produced some of the world’s best literature, art, science & technology. So how can such a small minority of scum reduce our cities to rumble, our communities to bits and our international reputation to tatters?

I had the great pleasure of welcoming some family members from Argentina to Manchester for the first time last week. I showed them round my city; a city famous for the industrial revolution, its music, its sport and its culture. Last Friday after a well earnt pint, I snapped a photo that I thought summed up the great mix of everything we have in the city:

How different the city would become in less than a week from that day. How appauled I would be by the actions of people calling themselves Mancunians. How embarassed I would become for my family to see what my city had to offer.

One of the things that makes me feel more sick about the events in Manchester, Liverpool, London & other English cities, is that my brother is currently risking his life, fighting with other brave Royal Marines, alongside our Armed Forces in Afghanistan serving their Queen & Country. Yet, back at home, there are thuggish idiotic scum, causing damage, violence & spreading fear.

My Argentine visitors made a very good comment – they are used to protests, demonstrations. They can only too well remember the rioting of 2001 following their economic collapse, however, whenever it’s seen in Latin America, there’s a reason; there is a purpose and an end goal for such actions. The behaviour here was simply pointless.

I wonder once the flames have died down, and the hoodies are removed, will these people stand strong? Will they continue in their cause for pointless hooliganism? Would they think themselves so strong if made to fight on the frontline in Afghanistan…..?

…..I doubt this very much.

There is one thing for sure: while our Armed Forces continue in their amazingly brave work abroad, we will not let the actions of a few get us down. It would be very un-British of us to let such things get us down. So needless to say I am so proud of the reaction from the Mancunians and other English cities – the community spirit is far from dead.

Group of teenagers join Clean Up Manchester & Message board in London

In times of hardship the British nation is terribly good at coming together as one & fighting strong. We’ve been through some horrific times, and we will go through even more in the future. Together we fight, together we fall, together we rebuild.  I mean, we’re not called GREAT Britain for no reason.

In summary I’m going to leave you with one of my favourite quotes about Britain. It’s not from a great philosopher, or writer, or politician. But it’s great in itself, and that’s all that counts!


Help for Heroes [21:21] Challenge


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One Response to A sorry day for the UK

  1. Adriana says:

    Very well thought, written and expressed. I support you and Great Britain!!

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