Get a shift on Radcliffe, Team [21:21] are coming through!

As anyone living in Manchester will probably know, the city is close to being pulled to a standstill tomorrow morning. There aren’t any protests planned, or heavy traffic for any City / United games, but instead the city will be opening its roads to about 38,000 runners, who will be sprinting, running, jogging or walking their way around the infamous 10km route of the Bupa Great Manchester Run.

Oh yeah, and on top of that, it’s Challenge No. 5 for [21:21].

Over the last couple of months, while I’ve had great support on the sides lines of the races / events, this will be the first time that I’ll know people on the run. While I won’t necessarily be running with each of these people, I feel that they all deserve a quick shout out:

The first and principal shout out has to go to Lara Hills (training partner & cousin) who has been there with me on the cold & rainy streets of Manchester over the last few months accompanying me on training runs for the various races I’ve had around the country – I’ll be running with this badger on tomorrow’s race, COME ON Hills! Chris Lomas, who will incidentally be joining me on the 3 peaks challenge, is also be hitting the streets. IT guru Matt Beard (thanks for your IT assistance thus far with the website) will be completing his first 10km, and where better to have his first. And Vicky Howell, a housemate who has been forced to hear about every little bit of challenge news and also deal with my battered feet from time to time, will be completing her 3rd 10km in Manchester. There are also 37,995 other people taking part, but I seriously don’t have the time to write about all of them!

I decided while having my breakfast this morning that I should probably have a quick read through the running pack that Great Run kindly sent me. Firstly I was very excited to see what my race number was (although imagine if I’d been entered just 100 places later….?)

Race number…..check

Timing chip…..check

Arrival time…..hold on a minute.

I’m reading the information given, and looking at the different groups / waves of runners, to see when we need to be there. Starts off with the Professional Women’s, then the Men’s, followed by Orange, White, Blue, Green and Pink. I look at it again just to make sure I’ve understood this. First the professional athletes, then orange then white etc. I read it for a third time as I’m starting to feel sick. With orange being at the front, orange is also the group in which the elite & club runners will be. And just in case your memory isn’t that great (please scroll up), yes that’s right. I’m in the bloody orange group.

I’d quite like to say “how the hell did that happen”, but unfortunately I do know how that happened. I committed to complete the race in less than 50 minutes – considering the endurance & strength needed for past & future challenges, I had to make sure that I added a little twist to the 10km. This is one twist I did not expect.

All joking aside though, I’m really excited to be in the elite group (I don’t know if Bupa will refer to it as the elite group, but that’s what we’ve decided upon going forwards – so much so I think our team name should be the Orange Street Elite). Knowing what the race was like last time, I’m really looking forward to the great atmosphere of the Manchester 10km and seeing such a great turn out of crowds coming to support the runners.

For anyone racing tomorrow I wish you all the best & I’ll see you on Deansgate at the end. For anyone not running tomorrow, wish me & Lara luck, and I’ll let you know if we made it under 50 minutes…..?


Help for Heroes [21:21] Challenge


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Mountain climber, marathon runner, Olympic torchbearer & ACF instructor amongst other things: "Success never came to those who weren't ready for a challenge"
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5 Responses to Get a shift on Radcliffe, Team [21:21] are coming through!

  1. jon lambert says:

    You go boy , you’ve been “TANGO’D” , you cant let your side down now. All the very best to you , when it hurts , think of your brother and the pain he’s in . Really proud of you , tell Lara , “go girl” as well .
    You are the man !!!!!BIG UP TO YOU

    • Nice one Dad! I think you should join our marketing team “You know when you’ve been TANGO’D”, I like it. Might have to use that in a news post.

  2. Adriana says:

    Great Ben!!! I’mn proud of you.. All the best for you and the people that follow you!
    A big hug from Tucuman. Can you explain what TANGO’D means?? Thanks.

    • Gracias Adriana, necesitaré todo la suerte que puedo buscar manana. I wasn’t sure how to describe my father’s flagrant use of the English language (especially as he’s using it as a pun, but the cultural definition is thus:

      Popularised in the mid-1990s by television commercials for soft drink Tango, a British equivilent of Fanta. The original commercials featured an obese man painted orange who would tap Tango drinkers on the shoulders as they sipped the beverage. As they turned around in surprise he would slap them in the face simultaneously with both hands then disappear. The narrator woudl then proclaimed “you know when you’ve been tangoed!”. The commercial was such a success that they continued with a host of other characters, including a Napoleon-like figure with a wobbly orange hand who would wobble it in people’s faces before the catch phrase. These commercials helped make Tango Europe’s number one orange soda during the 1990s. The term ‘tangoed’ is now used to mean shocked or insulted.

      You know when you’ve been Tangoed!”

  3. Mum says:

    Good luck Ben, hope your feet survive !!!

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