Now that’s what I call a challenge

You’ll have probably seen the headlines already (or at least read my previous post), but I can’t get over how incredible the Walking with the Wounded project is. These guys are not only taking on the extremely bonkers challenge of trekking to the North Pole, but some of these guys are military servicemen who’ve been wounded in the line of duty – to make matters even more unimaginable, some have even lost limbs to amputation.

The four week expedition will see these amazing adventurers journey up to 300 miles of the frozen Arctic Ocean by foot, traversing some of the most hostile conditions on Earth, enduring temperatures as low as minus 50C. Considering how their lives were irreversibly changed whilst serving their country, it’s so incredibly inspiring to see the efforts these guys are making to give back.  To be honest, I’m a bit jealous. If I could afford the £22,000 fee for doing the challenge as a civilian, I would be seriously tempted. Considering this is unlikely to happen any time soon, I think I’ll stick with the 20,000ft volcano in Ecuador – I would however, like to get even 5% of the endorsements these guys are getting:

Prince Harry (Patron): This polar adventure will exemplify the tenacity and courage of those who serve in uniform. ‘Walking with the Wounded’ promises to be remarkable. I salute the Team walking to the North Pole in early 2011, and I urge the public to get behind them.

Brigadier Ed Butler: Rehabilitating wounded service men and women back into a non-military workplace is a huge task the nation faces in these modern times. It is down to the tenacity and courage of teams like Walking with the Wounded that funds and interest in this issue can be raised.

Bear Grylls: An epic challenge for a vitally important cause. I so admire this team and their determination to make a difference. And boy they are doing it the hard way! Brilliant!

 Go team!

Help for Heroes [21:21] Challenge


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