Breaking News: OMG! FCO follows BJL – WTF?

Quickly checking my e-mails before getting on with my afternoon, I logged into Gmail and got quite the surprise – turns out that the Foreign Office have started following me on Twitter. Some cynics might say it’s only because I started following them, but to be fair, knowing how many countries I’ve travelled to over the years (I think I’m currently on 37 ish) it’s not that surprising that William Hague & his team have sought strategic insight from my diplomatic self – providing said insight can be given in 140 characters or less!

While something tells me that I’m going to be waiting a long time to get the likes of Kofi Annan following me, I think I’ll definitely be upping the calibre of my tweets going forward!

Help for Heroes [21:21] Challenge


NB: WTF is obviously short for “Who’s that fella” as opposed to anything with ruder connotations.

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Mountain climber, marathon runner, Olympic torchbearer & ACF instructor amongst other things: "Success never came to those who weren't ready for a challenge"
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