Military training – best way really

With the excitement of challenge one well and truly subsided, and full feeling returned to my extremities, I’m already starting to ponder challenge two. With 6.5 weeks to train for the first half marathon I really need to get myself into action. And it only seems apt to bring in some military training tactics to get ahead of the game.

First port of call, BMF (British Military Fitness) – an outdoor fitness group designed as “an alternative to the lycra clad, Swiss ball using, water fountain world of gyms”. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve used gyms umpteen times in the past, but BMF has something really special about it. Led by current or ex-servicemen, each class is an hour of intense high power activity, designed to work pretty much each body area, using military style exercises. Each session is split into 3 bands – blue for beginners, red for intermediates, saving the green bibs for the high end athletes.

It’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, but with my good buddy Nat also attending, I know that there won’t be any excuses not to attend (he did mention punishments for not attending the minimum amount of sessions each week, though I’ve yet to find out what said punishments will be).

While I didn’t feel the cold that much on Monday, you could tell it was cold by the rock hard frozen ground. A mixture of lower & upper body work was coupled with core stability & lots of cardio – the sweat was definitely pouring at the end of the session. After speaking with Nat the following day, he had his reservations about the session, but considering the amount of pain his body was in (and mine come to that) I felt satisfied that we’d given a good performance.  We’d both contemplated moving up to red in January, but have decided to really push it and give our all throughout this month to improve after Christmas, with the idea of moving up to red in February, which should work well with my training plan.

Our minimum target is week is currently set at two, but I feel the need to extend this to three as a basic minimum, if only to up my game ready for the Great North West Half Marathon (GNWHM – doesn’t really work, maybe I’ll just stick to challenge two). A great thing about BMF is that because it’s run in a military style, the session will take place come rain, hail or shine. And hey, if my brother can spend 4 days out on Dartmoor in freezing cold conditions, I’m sure I can hack an hour in Bruntwood Park!?

Help for Heroes [21:21] Challenge


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