Reflections on the last 12 months

While each passing year brings its changes and developments, I do feel that 2010 has been a great year for preparation and foundation laying. I’ve not seen too many changes in my life, but have hopefully set up enough to ensure that 2011 will be the year that changes come into play. I’ve never really been one to buy in to the New Year’s Resolution thing, but at the same time, I think the new year (whatever that time might be, calendar, academic or just new cycle in your life) is a great time for review & reflection and a great time for planning & aspiring.

January 2010 Welcoming the new year in with my surrogate family in Argentina was one of the best starts to any year. Beef, malbec, fireworks & the beach. Four words that always put a smile on my face. Argentina is like my second home – while there aren’t too many 6ft 4 albino gingers in Tucumán, I’d be on the next flight if I had the chance.



June 2010 I suppose doing something for the 2nd time doesn’t really make it a tradition, but going to stay with Steph in Rome for her birthday was a definite highlight of the year (Steph is the one who kept me sane during 4 years at uni, and while being a truly amazing person has become one of my most favourite people). It was the first time in ages that I did nothing. I’d already seen the Vatican, the Colosseum and the likes. So time to take stock. Time to plan for the future. This was when the initial glimpse of [21:21] first started to emerge. Salute a Setph.

October 2010 After a top class friend of mine came to visit, we decided we needed a break. The first was a weekend in Sweden. Turns out Sweden is quite expensive. Then came some time in Berlin, flights only €50 return. Turns out Berlin isn’t that cheap either. Then after a bit of deliberation, we ended up booking a weekend in Snowdonia, Wales. Three days of walking, hiking, scrambling & climbing. After 3 amazing days in the outdoors, up mountains, I decided I wanted to do the 3 peaks challenge. The blocks were really starting to click into place now. 

December 2010 Rupert & Chris (top guys from Snowdon, far left & next to me) and myself all hit Scafell early December. The snow was up to our knees, our waists, and for some even further. It was a full on day, but due to Rupert’s mental speed of traversing mountain sides, we cained that bay boy. And after that, my mind was made up. Ecuador was the goal, but I needed some pretty hefty challenges along the way to get me ready. 

And so [21:21] was born. 


Help for Heroes [21:21] Challenge


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Mountain climber, marathon runner, Olympic torchbearer & ACF instructor amongst other things: "Success never came to those who weren't ready for a challenge"
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